American Airlines' South American Lounges

All Of American Airlines’ South American Lounges Have been Reopened 800-668-9017

After a brief closure, every single American Airlines lounge in South America has reopened. The airline is now operating at full capacity and is aggressively adding new lounges in the region as it continues to contribute to the economic growth of cities like Rio de Janeiro. South American passengers will soon be able to fly from an additional 15 cities with access to more than 50 new international destinations. American Airlines Flight Tickets presence in the region has grown exponentially over the past few years, adding hundreds of new seats from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami each week. We regularly fly between Miami and São Paulo for leisure travel and business meetings with clients within the automotive industry. There are currently eight locations with access to our exclusive collection of plush lounges: Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima, Quito (Ecuador), Guayaquil (Equatorial Guinea), Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Buenos Aires lounge

is the airline’s largest American Airlines features a collection of international lounges in South America, but the Buenos Aires location is their largest? It’s also one of our favorite places to fly from because it’s an open-air lounge with spectacular views of the city and impressive amenities. The Buenos Aires lounge offers Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and drinks, a sun terrace with heated loungers, and more.

Caracas lounge

The American Airlines lounge in Caracas is a great lounge for business travelers who need to stay close to the city center. It provides quick access to restaurants and shopping areas, as well as being an easy walk from the domestic and international terminals at Simon Bolivar International Airport. Travelers can enjoy a range of amenities like a dedicated food court, personal workspace with Wi-Fi, showers, and locker rooms.

Lima lounge

The Lima lounge is located in the city’s international airport, Jorge Chavez. This lounge is modern and luxurious, with a variety of amenities and services, as well as an expansive food & beverage menu.

Quito (Ecuador) lounge

The Quito lounge is the newest and most luxurious American Airlines lounge in South America. It was designed by world-renowned architect and designer Philippe Starck, who developed the unique lounge with a modern, avant-garde design that includes large windows that allow natural light to enter from both sides of the room. The Quito lounge offers an exclusive collection of vibrant colors and textures throughout its interior design, making it one of the most beautiful lounges in Latin America. Additionally, our Quito lounge has a selection of local goods for purchase for travelers to enjoy without having to leave their home country.

Guayaquil (Equatorial Guinea) lounge

American Airlines’ new lounge in Quito is impressive. The facility features a stunning waterfront view and enhanced amenities for guests. There’s also an outdoor terrace with 360-degree views of Quito and the surrounding area, which makes it perfect for a pre-or post-flight experience. The Quito Lounge will offer guests a variety of food and beverage options, including onsite catering by Executive Chef Peter Corrado. American Airlines Customer Service says that they plan to add more lounges in the region as they continue to grow their presence in South America.

Sao Paulo lounge

The American Airlines lounge in Sao Paulo is a spacious place that offers three levels of seating, high-speed Internet access and multiple power outlets. In addition to the main lounge, there are also several smaller lounges located throughout the terminal.

Rio de Janeiro lounge

The American Airlines lounge in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of our favorite locations throughout South America. It features a state-of-the-art meeting space with multiple conference rooms, such as the Board Room and the Board Room with Chairs. There are also more than 10 power outlets spread through the center of the room so you can plug in your laptop or other mobile devices. The lounge also features a sit-down bar and dining options that include appetizers and entrees that rotate on a daily basis. All of these offerings will make your next trip to Rio easy and enjoyable.

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American Airlines has reopened all of its South American lounges in the aftermath of an airline employee strike. The airline reopened the lounges on Thursday, September 21st, allowing passengers to board flights at the designated lounges. This is great news for both passengers and the airlines. For passengers, it restores the ability to board flights in a lounge environment, which is a big plus for those who need some extra time to get ready for a long-haul flight. For American Airlines, the reopening of all the lounges helps to keep flights on schedule and on time, instead of diverting them to domestic hubs or other countries. American Airlines reopens all of its South American lounges in the aftermath of an employee strike.